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I have been hearing about Jenna Marbles for about 2 yrs.So I went on You Tube and saw her funny videos.I said,,OMG!Shes funny and HOT. I am a totally single guy and like her LOOK..and HUMOR. Jenna…I have a silly question to you(Serious to me). Will you marry me?? Uh oh…we never met?Well It will just be my fantasy till you say yes! Ok,,,,after I make you laugh.Image


About five years ago I was hanging out at the Hollywood Improv in Los Angeles Ca.It was a Thursday night and the bar was getting empty.Eddie the bartender was there along with a few other comedians and Patrons. I was just about to go home untill I saw a comedian that I have seen on TV a few times and maybe “You Tube”.It was Zach Galiafianakis from the Hangover Films and many others.But before these films ,,,he was just a funny comedian that played Piano on the Tonight show and had funny material.So I was there and he came over to have a drink and I said “Hey man..I know you”. Now remember…he was not a BIG STAR back then.No one came over and tried to bother him like it most likely does now.

So we started talking about his family and mine.The industry and how tough it was,the negativity and many other things.He said he wanted to quit and move back to his farm in North Carolina. He was tired and wanted to see his parents and just give up. I said What? No Way! He said “Yeah man”.I also asked why he stopped playing the Piano in his act…he said just wanted to change his humor a little but really was tired.I told him I did Impressions and was a comedian also and could relate to what he was saying.

Then we were talking about our families.I am Turkish/Italian and he is Greek.We had a lot in common be cause his parents are from the Old Country, Greece…mine from Turkey. His parents were farmers.He mentioned that he needs to have his moms Hummus and stuffed Grape leaves and I agreed,so do I.We had the same background and values.My father was not a farmer but a Doctor.Both are fathers were strict and strong…but were great role models.

So now just a few years later,he hosted Sat Night Live,did two blockbuster “Hang Over” movies and countless others. The great thing is that I had a chance to talk with Zach BEFORE he was a star. The guy was so nice and down to earth that when he did MAKE IT big in the Biz,I thought he deserved it!. You see,,,he came pretty close to just quitting his dream and moving back to the Farm. Zach kept going and did not quit,and look what happened!

The point is…just when you think nothing good will happen in your life,it can happen.Just keep positive and follow your dream.Since I am a comedian and actor like Zach, I will think about my conversation with him and what has happened to his career. Thanks Zach for spending time with me and hope to see you again.Till then…catch you at the movies.

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